Be Prepared for the Loads of Student Packages Coming Your Way with EZTrackIt

When students return to college, mailroom staff know they will be inundated with packages.  The challenge is to keep packages cycling through the mailroom and getting them into the hands of those who need them quickly, efficiently, and with documentation during each step of the way. EZTrackIt package tracking software solves each one of those challenges.

Ideal Package Tracking Software for Student Housing

Whether the deliveries are intended for a sports team, textbooks for classrooms, or cookies from Mom, it’s important to ensure those deliveries are made as quickly and efficiently as possible.  EZTrackIt helps keep everyone on track in this order:

  • Simply scan the incoming package
  • A notification is sent to the recipient
  • A log is created for the package
  • Staff knows how to handle the package
  • Labels will be made
  • Recipient receives and sigs for the package
  • The packages log is automatically updated

A frustrating aspect about package delivery is organization.  What packages are going to be picked up?  What packages are going to be delivered?  What packages are returned to the student housing mailroom?  Nothing is as frustrating for all parties in the process than having a package go missing.  EZTrackIt and its package logging structure make these problems disappear… instead of your packages.  Each package will be logged in when it arrives so it can be organized in its particular place– eliminating questions about where a package is.

The data you upload, once a package has been scanned into the system, is then safely and securely stored in the cloud.  If there’s a question about whether cookies were delivered or whether a roommate ate them, you’ll have irrefutable proof about cookies—or any other package—delivery.  This information is very important when those who receive packages want to complain about or dispute whether a package has been delivered.  The evidence will be right there in the cloud, showing when you received it, and when the recipient got it; or if it is still sitting on your shelf.

If you would like to see a demonstration of our software let us know and we’ll set up a demonstration time that will work for you.  If you want to see how easy and secure EZTrackIt, there will be no charges or commitments required from you.  If you like what you see at the demo, we can even set you up with a one month pilot to see how our program will work at your site.

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