Fall is here and students are back to school.  When students return, so does an increase in mail and package deliveries, and although it may seem almost impossible, it can actually be easy to streamline your mailroom with EZTrackIt.  Our package tracking software allows you to scan, notify, and create labels in one easy, streamlined step. Your staff won’t have to step over and around packages, wondering if they need to be delivered or if they’re supposed to be picked up.

Student Housing Mailroom Organization

EZTrackIt makes it easy to find packages when students come to pick them up or when they’re delivered.  No more searching around the mailroom wondering if a package is there or at their dorm’s front desk or the student housing mailroom.  This means less stress for workers and it means they are able to work more efficiently.  You don’t have to store packages and wonder if they need to be delivered or picked up.  Our software will allow you to keep them all organized by sending instant, automated text, and email notifications.

Communication & Package Notifications

Instant notifications not only tell recipients they have a package to pick up or a package that is on its way, it can tell them the hours someone will be available for pick up in the mailroom.  This not only makes the work in the mailroom more efficient but when packages are delivered to front desks at dorms or office buildings, those people will understand their roles too.

A mailroom without package tracking software is a mailroom that has people stumbling wanting to do the right thing, but lacking the tools to make that job easy.  No other software is as easy and intuitive to learn and understand as EZTrackIt.  Whether you are concerned about handing packages from home, or if you need to ensure textbooks are delivered as quickly and efficiently as possible, EZTrackIt makes the process organized.  There is also no hardware to purchase.  Employees can use tablets, or they can even use their own smartphones.  Whatever it takes to keep people organized and to ensure packages won’t slip through the cracks.

There is always a sense of purpose when it is back to school time.  EZTrackIt can help you ensure that your purpose is organized and deliveries are handled in a timely manner.  With EZTrackIt, you’ll be able to make more efficient use of space by keeping packages moving where they belong, and employees will be able to better use their time.

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