How University Housing Benefits from EZTrackIt

It’s hard to imagine someone who looks forward to package delivery more than college students.  The post office and other deliverers allow students to track their deliveries so they know just when their cookies from Mom or other package arrives.  Then the barrage of calls to the dorm front desk or the student housing mailroom begin.

One way to speed the process of package delivery–from front desk to the student’s hands–is to use EZTrackIt.

EZTrackIt is a simple to use package tracking software that allows users to:

  • Handle packages in high volume, while also keeping a computer record that is saved to the cloud proving that a package was delivered.
  • Those same student desk workers can quickly learn how to use EZTrackIt software, and because there is no specialized hardware to learn how to use or to damage, students can use their own smartphones.
  • Their smartphones can be used to scan packages, then recipients can receive instant notifications their package has arrived.  When the recipient comes to get their package, it can be scanned again as proof the package was delivered.  This system is quick, efficient, and close to fail-safe.
  • The software also comes with individual user logins, so as the manager of the system, you can see which employee gave what package to a specific student and when it was delivered.
  • This program also allows you to send one message to students, a different message to staff, and, if you want, another message to administrators.  The flexibility of the system means you can set it up to send whatever message you need.
  • EZTrackIt is so easy to use, you can set it up with automatic data updates so you know when a student or staff member is studying or teaching abroad, then you will know what to do with a package—send it on, return it, or keep it.
  • If you’re worried that managing this system will be onerous, it won’t.  There are no usernames or passwords for students to remember.  They’ll get a message that says they have a package at the front desk, and then they go pick it up.

EZTrackIt allows you to free up a lot of hours of mail separation time.  Use this program to ensure that packages are where they need to be, to ensure that they are picked up, and to have a reliable record of the process—and remember that students can be trained to do all of the work.

Get a free demonstration for EZTrackIt to see how it can make your deliveries easier, visit and fill out a request demo form, and we’ll have one of our representatives visit and make deliveries easier.

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